noot noot (plecotcchi) wrote in egl,
noot noot

a question on bodyline shoes! (sizing, color)

i've measured my foot (the left one to be exact, haha)
and it's 9 7/16 inches or approx. 24.1 cm.

now, here's my dilemma.
bodyline's -still- having a sale, and i want in on their cheap shoes!

i kind of want these in white.
bodyline shoes204
they are so cute and look like tea parties w/ heels. c:

...but only size 240 is left.
annnd, my foot is exactly 24cm ;A;

according to others, bodyline shoes are actually 1cm bigger than the stated size.
i've also read that the newer bodyline shoes are truer to size..

so, that would mean size 240 would actually be 25cm, or so, right?
could anyone clarify this?

i'm also interested in these in white
and i looked to see if they had my size in ...... beige??
i'm a little confused-- is it white or offwhite or beige? it totally looks white according to this photo.
does anyone own these shoes in white?

if the above two totally fail (or no one replies), then i'll just get these.
i was really shooting for a teaparty style, but these are cute, too, if plain. c
may someone vouch on sizing for these?

and i've searched egl for bl shoe reviews, and i don't think i've found anything on these three in particular.
three requests for help in one post is a lot, i know, but any helpful reviews, etc. would be really lovely.

and, are we tagging posts now?

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