Mother is god in the eyes of a child. (angelofdeath275) wrote in egl,
Mother is god in the eyes of a child.

Can I suggest something to the mods?

Since this months theme is tutorials, these are going to become verrry valuable. I REALLY would not want these to be lost in the many posts to come, and un-findable in google. We do have the memories but ehhh.....I really think using tags with the memories function would be FAR more helpful.

ALSO. We should be a tag for reviews as well. Like 2 tags; and for reviews in the general, and one specific one. For example, for a bodyline review, its tags would looks like this: "review, bodylinereview" or something like that.

We currently have 186 tags, but, umm, to be honest, they REALLY need a revamp.

Shortly after posting this I'll be going to bed and I won't be able to reply until maybe after my class (tomorrow 11am).

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