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Cosplay Wigs USA Wig Review

 I recently purchased two Lolita wigs from a fairly new seller, Cosplay Wigs USA. I was highly impressed with not only the quality of the wigs in addition to the amazing price, but the communication of the seller as well.


Their website is still in the process, but can be found here:
Although any of their items can be bought through their face book page, which is what I did:!/LolitaWigs?ref=ts

Until their site is up, it would be best to order through the face book page. I requested an invoice for the two wigs listed below, and quickly received an invoice and the wigs were shipped soon after. This seller is US based (in Texas,) so I received the wigs within three days (arriving in Alabama.) Shipping is free within the US, so my total came to $112 USD ($56 per wig,) and I couldn’t be happier paying this price for the amazing quality received. They do offer international shipping too, although I can’t quote the prices ^^;

So, onto the review! ^_^

My first wig I bought was a pink wig that came with two wig falls. 

Here is the stock picture:

*Please note that I requested this picture from them, and that their notice is that the actual wig is shorter than the stock picture. It is shorter than this, but is very much a nice length.*

Wig falls detached. 

Wig falls attached. Very full and soft!


A comparison to a Cliss Wig I have without flash, just to show that the fibers are more matte and not shiny.

A comparison with flash. The fibers are not shiny and cheap, but instead just a light gloss to make it look more realistic (even for pink hair.)

Worn. Please note that I only chose to wear one wig fall that day, and I forgot to put on the other one for picture taking purposes. (Also, non-lolita outfit.)

Onto the next wig... blonde with curly pig tails!

Stock photo. 

 Wig falls detached. Note that the wig does not come in as platinum of a color as shown in the stock photo, but is lovely nonetheless =)

Wig falls attached. Pony tails are very bouncy and quite curly!

Back view.

Side view. Again, the curls are so amazing and I'm so impressed how much it looks like real hair *.*

I forgot to take a picture without flash for the Cliss wig comparison... but this is with flash and there is no shiny-ness to speak of beyond a natural glow! 

Worn. I think this wig would look lovely for gothic, sweet, and perhaps classic (although I have not coordinated it with classic.) I probably need to touch up on the bangs, but I have to say, this wig left my completely impressed!

To sum up:
Communication: 5/5
The seller is very quick to answer any questions regarding their products, and even is open to taking suggestions for new products as well.
Shipping: 5/5
Free shipping in US. Was notified when it was send out over face book and received a tracking code as well.
Product: 10/5!
I was very impressed to pay only $56 per wig with such high quality! It isn’t shiny or plastic-y at all, and I was _extremely_ impressed that despite the amount of fiber, the wig is incredibly light on my head, yet it is so full! Be sure to clamp on the falls tightly, they stayed in place for me all day, but don’t be afraid to clamp those babies on! XD
Overall: 5/5
I was very happy with my purchase and plan to buy from them again. This seller will be coming out with two-tone wigs in the near future so I know that I can only expect good quality from here on out.

Additional Comments:
Since this is a fairly new seller, they are looking to find out what lolitas want ina wig and have an album posted so that lolitas may vote on what they want. They get their wigs custom made (as far as not just bought and resold from a typical Chinese seller) so we really do have a say ^^
Also, this may seem silly but I will include it anyways. If someone does buy the wig, when you trim the bangs, be sure that you’ve fastened the wig falls on before hand or you may risk cutting the bangs too short. Just a note =)

Thanks for reading! ^.~
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