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Lolita Princesse wig "Barbe à papa" [review]

Little review about the "Barbe à papa" wig from Lolita Princesse.

The staff:
Lolita Princesse staff is very nice. Very good communication and very quick for the shipping.

The wig:

My first reaction when I opened the box was "Wow! It's more flashy than the exemple on the website".
The wig is cute at the first sight but it's not good quality.
The front is ok but the back is really bad looking. I can see all the band where hair is on, there was not enough hair for the back.

The styling is not very very resistant. I just tried it on once and I have to restyle it (and I'm not a brute!). And you can see from the pic that from the beginning a "macaroon" is bigger than the other.

I wrote them to let them know all this because I don't like to do negative review without having tried to find a solution with the seller but they don't care. They answer me that I'm the first one to complain (maybe my wig is imperfect but if it's the case so they would have to propose me an exchange) and I have to restyle it pining hair against the back... That's just not possible!

The staff is really great but the wig is not good quality. I wonder how it will look like when I'll wear it a whole day.
Communication: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Wig: 1,5/5

If you have any question...
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