Rei (quentin_watson) wrote in egl,

Milky Planet GET.

So I was incredibly lucky and somehow managed to snag AP's yellow Milky Planet skirt as my very first brand skirt! This thing is absolutely gorgeous, I didn't realize how poofy it would be on its own without a petti. Anywhoo-I've posted my first casual coord under the cut, I'd love to hear your opinion!


This was taken at my artist's alley booth at KumoriCon over the weekend. Very casual, no petticoat because we were actually in the parking garage, so it got hot quick with all the people coming through. I'll be posting this to Daily_ala_Mode as well, but I know I'll get a lot more feedback here. And please, if you don't like it, tell me! But try to be constructive so I can refine my fashion sense, comments like "this is dumb," really doesn't do much to help me, lol...

EDIT: Thank you everyone, you've been really helpful! I've gotten some great ideas, I will definitely incorporate these into my next coord.
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