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Faux Fruit and Animal accessorie

I saw this head dress from dollscope (I do believe) and thought it was adorable.

Cute little bunnies, faux fruit, and ribbon?! How could I not love this?! The only problem? It’s 15 freaking dollars. Now, if I wasn’t a huge crafter I wouldn’t think much of the price tag; however, I know how much faux fruit, furry lil’ animals, and other materials go for. You could buy enough stuff to make 4 or 5 pieces with 15 bucks. I have a lot of cute crafting stuff laying around anyway, so I figured I would try my hand at making a piece based off of this fruits and animals design.

First off, I don’t like the cheap looking white lace which seems to be the base, so lets make a nice white ruffle instead.

Step 1:
Make your ruffle out of a stronger fabric. I’m using faux linen as it’s something I just had around.

Cut a long rectangular strip, fold it in half. Then using a basic basting stitch sew it together but don’t tie off the end! Once it’s sewn together push the fabric down causing the fabric to gather on itself.  You could use fancier techniques, but I’m horrible at sewing so this is just easier for me. ^_^’

It should look something like the above picture when it’s done.
Step 2:
Insert a threaded needle into one of the ends. This will be your center.

Slowly coil the ruffles in a circle-ish shape. It’ll sort of look like a shell. As you’re coiling, sew it together so it doesn’t fall apart. Be sure you sew everything on one side, that way you have a nice pretty front and then a back with all the stitched areas.

It’ll look like this when you’re done:

Step 3:
The front of your base may look cute, but the back might look like a disaster area (I know mine did). So do yourself a favor and sew a little cover onto it. Not only will this cover any messy sewing jobs you might have done, but it’ll make the base more secure, and give you a nice surface to sew/glue whatever pin/hairclip/band you plan on using to attach it to yourself.

Step 4:
Add your crap. Since I didn’t have any bunnies, I just used a cute little deer I purchased off of Etsy.

Here’s all the rest of the junk I have: faux strawberries, apples, and peaches; little flowers, and I also have some pearls and misc beads which aren’t pictured.

Now, before you go and get glue-gun crazy. Mess around with the design a little. See what you like and where you want things. This way if you happen to not like something you won’t turn your project into a glue-y mess.

When you have an idea as to how you want your items, just glue those puppies down with some hot glue! Try not to use too much other wise you’ll see the glue and it won’t look that pretty. =/
Be as creative as you’d like. Add bows, ribbons, lace, beads, deco cakes, fruits, flowers, miniatures, etc.  This is a really fun project and it’s pretty easy. I finished mine in about an hour.
Here's how it turned out. ^_^

Put it on a ribbon, headband, or make it a hair clip. Either way, this cute little project sure looks adorable and was well worth making instead of shelling out 15 bucks for.

I hope you all enjoyed this. ^_^' I'm not really one for making posts on EGL but I thought this was cute and hope it gives some of you at least some ideas of your own.

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