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Semi-theme? "Punk-y" lace up boots. Off-brand finds, inspiration, tutorial, etc.

So, inspired by this outfit and in love with these L.A.M.B boots, I went on a search for something similar.  Here are some things I found as well as some ideas / inspiration.

1)  Pretty similar to the L.A.M.B. ones in my opinion.
I found these Nana boots which were apparently available at Hot Topic according to the listing?  LINK

2)  Off-brand knee high kicks in white.  Then buy the laces separately.
I found these boots and thought it might be cool to buy some extra-long black laces online:  LINK

3)  Or, if you prefer the black and white look or the all-black look...
And for those who prefer black boots, I found these with white laces:  LINK
My sister has taken black kicks similar to these, purchased black laces, and colored in the white parts with sharpie -- cheap, I know, but there's probably a better way to do it to get the same result.

4) For a DIY type suggestion, what about a tongue-less look?
This just came to me randomly.  And it really depends on how large your calfs are... but what about cutting the tongue out of the boots shown above (or something similar) and creating a punky take on the tongueless Victorian Maiden boots (or the TUK copy)?
Here's a picture of the TUK version, not my Poupee, but the only photo I could find.  And I couldn't find a picture of chucks / kicks with the tongue cut out.  But here's an example of what can be done with just scissors (it's a pretty cool tutorial too): http://nyshoespy.com/2009/08/28/another-diy-idea-for-shoe-awesomeness/   I would cut the tongue completely out like shown in picture 3.

5) What about a red and black combination?
I had to include this shopping find because I've never seen anything like them before and thought they were pretty cool, good price too.  Demonia Deviant.

EDIT: Fixed the link issue.  HTML is not a talent of mine... haha.
And some keywords -- punk, street casual style

Anyway, as usual, I hope at least one of these has inspired you.  Have a great week!

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