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SF August Meetup Pictures

Out latest meetup involved- bumming around BTSSB as usual, lots of yummy food, purikura, dorky hats, jumping pictures and more. ;)

When lived in the New People building last year they had this awesome carousel as part of the decoration. Crazy colorful fun store left, boring slightly uptight store came in and now the crazy colorful fun carousel lives in the empty space between the shops where we're actually allowed to take pictures, huzzah. Individual shots-

Flocky Party. A bunch of us decided to wear our luckypack dresses. If two people wear the same dress on purpose = twinning...does that then mean that 4 people wearing the dame dress = quadrupling

Giant group shot before gathering up everyone to go find food.

Food was found!

Our group was so big we took up 2 separate sets of 3 tables all squished together.

Hanging out at the purikura shop, the walls are covered in teeny tiny pictures.

Glasses lolitas FTW!

Making photo magic.

Editing pictures.

We realized that the photo-booths were covered with ridiculously terrible pictures/poses and decided to recreate them-

The 'I punched myself in the eye for no reason'.

The 'sexy wink with less than sexy snarl'.

Ok, seriously, who thought this should be on the photo-booth?!


More jumping.

Or possibly levitating.

This one feels like an ad for Pikapika.

They have silly hates to wear in the booths but there's too many of us to fit hats, so we wore them just to be dorks.

The fruits of our labor-

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