missalicereed (missalicereed) wrote in egl,

My Upcoming Lolita Vlog

 Alright so, I am going to start a lolita vlog very soon. I should be updating at least once a week, and aside from reviews of products, I wanted to upload reaction videos (like when I get a package and open it up and then squeal or something), skin care, nutrition, sometimes the darker things, brands, etc.

I was wondering if there's anything in specific people would want to see addressed within the vlog?

PS: I'll put a post on here when I make my first video (The reason I haven't yet is because I wanted to dye my hair before I did it, and my appointment was moved to Wednesday, so two days~!) because I would like some feedback so as to make the vlog more enjoyable by all. :)
My username on youtube is MissAliceReed, just so you know. :D

ALSO: My first video is going to include a brief summary of the lolita fashion subculture, so I was hoping I could get a consensus on an accurate definition and history of lolita. (I don't want to step on anyone's toes with a wrong definition/ misinterpret lolita to the outside world)
So what are important things to mention when discussing the history of lolita fashion?

Another list would be: Things to avoid discussing. What are some things NOBODY wants to hear?

Thanks people, I really appreciate it. :) I want to make this vlog fun for all.

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