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Help Loli-fying clothing - epecially BUTTONS!!!

 Hey everyone I am new, so HUGE apologies if I do anything wrong. 


I am interested in classical and some gothic lolita but initially intend to try for casual loli: I am waaaay too old to pull off sweet (*cough*37*cough*). I normally wear really plain/ boring clothes so want to be more feminine! Aiming to start safe with black and ivory, adding a little baby blue or blood red with accessories. 
 I already own an H&M jacket that is basically this shape  
It has lovely grosgrain edging but horrible plastic buttons and it is just .... BLACK really really BLACK. 

I am considering adding some ivory crochet lace edging (i.e. copy the Fan+Friend jacket) but really stuck with buttons. Military/ metal is too masculine, the buttonholes are too large for pearl, white plastic or satin look cheap, stripes too steampunk, a polka dot headbow next to the jacket still looks BLACK so I am stumped .... what buttons are supposed to be on lolita clothes other than cute shapes for sweet style? 

I have a similar problem with a white deep ruffled collar/ cuff shirt and pretty scalloped edge baby blue cardigan, both with tiny horrible plastic buttons. These could both take pearl but surely I don't want (mother of ) pearl on every piece? Surely you can't match up covered buttons?
Thanks in advance for any ideas! I am in the UK if anyone has any mail order suppliers to recommend.
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