Ailsa (glass_bubblegum) wrote in egl,

Glasgow meet-up: mission success!

On Friday we had one of the (if not the) biggest Scottish meet-ups ever! Most of us didn't know each other beforehand, we arranged it all through scotloli and it turned out to be a huge success. Everyone who attended was lovely and, of course, dressed for the occasion.

We got together in a local coffee shop where we got acquainted with each other over a selection of sweets and teas:

lovinglolisa in the background there, I love how she can rock the giant hairbow!

sang_rose and skyblue_pink

I had this massive hot chocolate with marshmallows on top to fuel me for the morning:

After our drinks and sweets the owner of the cafe asked if he could have a photo of all of us outside. I should've asked him to take one on my camera too but it didn't even occur to me at the time! We got a group shot of our own after a wee wander round the shops though.

From left to right: skyblue_pink, glass_bubblegum, kydila, sang_rose, Evie (who doesn't use livejournal), lovinglolisa, misskittenx, deaths_bluie (of whom there are no more photos 'cause she's shy unlike the rest of us fools you see leaping in front of the camera. :)

I think these photos I took of Lisa are my favourites, not much owing to my ability with a camera and a lot down to how fabulously photogenic she is.

I love the way the sun is shining through the back of her parasol, it makes her look so angelic! Check her badass strawberry manicure too.

I can't get over how gorgeous sang_rose is either. She's been asked to model for a make-up brand, which is hard to find surprising when you get a look at her perfect green eyes!

It made me really happy to see kydila and Evie come in classic Innocent World AND represent the pierced/glasses-wearing lolitas respectively. They rock it hard.

Here's one of kydila herself:

And Evie :)

skyblue_pink was the only girl I'd met before; we used to frequent the Edinburgh meets years ago but hadn't had a chance to catch up for a long time. She's still rocking the Victoriana and gothic looks…

…and still just as daft as I remembered!

Everyone was pretty taken by misskittenx's Infanta jumperskirt. She looks like an illustration from an Alice in Wonderland book. ♥

lovinglolisa and I doing sweet in black and white.

Eventually we got tired from shopping and foolery and went to a noodle bar for lunch. I had a seafood fried rice dish with inari sushi on the side, it was really good but way too much!

sang_rose ordered this floral tea which unfurled from a little dried-out ball in her glass.

After lunch we wandered down to the Museum of Modern Art to have a look around. There wasn't an awful lot going on in terms of exhibitions but some parts of the building are pretty in and of themselves, like this little wooden cove that misskittenx found:

This one was taken in a wee round white room just beside the wooden one:

Big kids that we are though, it was the children's area that captured our interest for longest. misskittenx, lovinglolisa, and sang_rose all concentratedly creating works of art while the classic girls and I kept watch for responsible adults who might suggest that this area was not meant for those over the age of 12. >.>

Once we were done there we decided a toy shop might be better suited to our juvenile mentalities so we headed down to Hamleys for a look around. We discovered a life-sized Darth Vader made of Lego, but Lisa was confident that she could take him down...

…the big bad wolf, however, was a different matter!

One of the staff offered to give us a demo of this "glitter tattoo" kit they were selling. It'd be awesome for decora/OTT lolita style face decorations imo.

As far as I know, sang_rose still has the remains of this stuck to her days later!

Finally, to round off the day, we stopped for tea again. Could we resist a second round of cake? Of course not.

Apologies for the differing sizes of these images- some were taken by me on my camera, some on my phone, and some on the other ladies' cameras. Thanks for looking folks! :)

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