nyaloli (nyaloli) wrote in egl,

Bodyline heart buckle shoes question

I know that these types of posts bother some, but I'd rather not buy something I can't wear. Yes, I've heard that the heart buckle shoes run big. I've also found a few sales posts that say they are an accurate size. There are two different versions of them, and the posts that show pics of them are of these in various colors: www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp
I'm considering these: www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp
I have a sort of odd foot size, so I need to take into consideration the width also, which I haven't been able to find anything about. If you own them, will you please tell me the length and width of the size you bought? Thanks for any help you can give me :).
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