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Both August Themes in One Late Post . . . Sorry!

Hello! It’s already a bit into September, and I know the themes on the main page have already changed, but I spent most of August gathering pictures for these themes, so I thought I would go ahead and post it anyway! :) Especially since the vintage theme was so lacking in posts.

First off, my style in and out of Lolita. I would definitely have to say that my style out of Lolita has been greatly influenced by my interest in Lolita. Now, I carefully coordinate most every outfit I wear. In addition, Lolita has helped me to "find" my style out of Lolita by making me aware of the girlie, lacey, old-fashioned  clothes-loving part of me. Sorry about the kind of blurry pictures, I really don't have a good means of taking pictures of myself head-to-toe other than my webcam. ^__^;


Next, my look in Lolita. I mainly aim for gothic and classic, though I don't have a very expansive wardrobe yet (I'm working on sewing a bunch of clothes for this purpose). So, these are the best example I have so far of me in Lolita.

And, finally, as with many others, I cosplay! (a bit) I haven't made very many outfits yet (roughly 4), but I'm most proud of these two, C.C. from Code Geass and Su from Shugo Chara, because I made almost the entire outfit for both.

(I’m the one with green hair)

(I’m the one in green)

I hope this was interesting for some people, even though there have been so many of these!

Next, vintage! Over the summer, I also had the chance to visit a vintage and retro clothing store, where I found some great, loliable items!

Here's a creme dress that I plan on embellishing with some ribbon at the waist. The skirt is VERY full, and definitely can accommodate the more a-line silhouette of classic lolita.

Next, a lace bolero. I'm not sure if the color is very clear here, but it's an old-looking rose color in real life.

And, last, a white sweater top with ribbon and fake pearls at the neckline.


Well, that's all for now! I hope to start posting and contributing to this community a lot more in the future! :)

P.S. This is my second post here, but I promise I'll stop counting now!
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