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Hi there EGL!
I thought that this month's theme was a perfect time to post a dress design I've been working on recently. I was reading a post on EGL about themed loli, and someone mentioned that a Cthulhu or octopus themed dress would be cool, so I decided to create a design based off of my favorite cephalopod. <3 I'm sorry for the watermarks, but I don't want anyone to steal my design! I spent a lot of work drawing the octopus cameo thing. The main point of the design was to make the octopus lolita-y without it being all OMG TENTACLE SKIRT. I kind of like that you might have to do a double-take or see it closer to tell what's inside the cameo. ^_^

(Sorry, my image function isn't working, so I'll just link to my Photobucket.)
The actual design.... 
Cameo close-up 

I'm probably going to end up screenprinting this by myself-- I don't think I can bring myself to spend $18 a yard on quilter's cotton from Spoonflower >.< (Plus I read the review by Zoh NYC and it said the quality of SF's cotton was only meh.) I'm going to print it on light blue cotton and line it. The buttons on the bodice and the little dots connecting the cameo to the waistline will be faux pearls. I'm not sure if I want the waistbow to be black or blue. What do you think?
Also, I'd love suggstions on what you think I should do for headgear! I was thinking a bow in the matching blue with a ruffle and a couple pearls on it, but I also think a tricorn would be cool and (sweet) pirate-y!
Also, I might be willing to commission to this if I have enough interest, though I'd have to work on my screenprinting.
Concrit is welcome!
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