Christina Lissette B. (christinablue) wrote in egl,
Christina Lissette B.

Queen of Hearts Costume: What kind of stockings/tights and shoes?

So, I'm purchasing this dress from Anna House to wear as a Versailles-esque Lolita "Queen of Hearts". I'm planning on either wearing a cute tricorn hat with heart accents (if I can find one, or have one commissioned within my budget), or just doing my hair in an appropriate updo with maybe some kind of heart/crown piece. I'm not sure what to wear for stockings and shoes, though! I was thinking black tights with red hearts, but that is proving to be pretty difficult to find, so any suggestions you ladies have would be great! :) I suppose I could just do red tights w/ black shoes, but that seems kind of boring.

I'm on a budget, so brand probably wouldn't be in my price range.

I'm looking at these shoes from Bodyline, and I if I don't find anything else, I'll probably do these. But they aren't screaming perfect to me.
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