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Is it worth it? (altering brand)

I sold all of brand pieces awhile back except two.  a btssb parasol (because I dont have another umbrella) and a JSK from Innocent World.
WHile I do not dress lolita anymore, the IW JSK can be worn with normal pumps and look quite mainstream.
It  is a chiffon rose embroidery dress. The length on it is perfect, I LOVE how the bottom part sits. THe trouble is, the bodice.
It.....just doesnt sit right. It looks like a little girls dress at the top (by this I dont mean any insult0, it just makes my boobs look smaller and cuts me at a weird place.

 SO, i thought, why not convert it to a skirt? But the price of the item is making me rethink that. An expensive dress, and cutting it with the scissors. ANd CHIFFON. that might be hard to alter.

Anyone here converted a JSK to a skirt? And how was the result/ please post photos if you can.
or, what are your views on chopping up an expensive piece of brand to alter?

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