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Who wants to play the Fool?

Hello ladies.

As many of you saw, I am planning a Lolita version of the Tarot.

I've decided to begin at the most logical place: the fool.

I need someone who is willing to model. If chosen, you will appear in multiple cards, and we will have to work together to find times to shoot and clothes to wear. (I have some ideas, but this could be more of a challenge depending on sizing.)

I have no preference on height, ethnicity, weight, or any other physical characteristic. I will know my girl when I see her. However, I would prefer she live in the NY/LI area, (or be very willing to travel). Also, please do not apply if you are under the age of 18. While there are many beautiful girls under 18, I don't want to risk any trouble. (No, I'm not a perv, there are other contractual issues.)

Please note that, as yet there is no compensation for being my model. If the deck gets published, a small portion of the proceeds may go to you (or a lump sum, depending), but this is NOT guarenteed. All images taken at any shoot for this project are the exclusive property of myself and my photographer.

I don't mean to sound so depressing, but I want all of the terms to be clear.

OK, to the fun part:

In order to be considered, all i need from you is two photos (A headshot, doesn't have to be professional, and a full body pose.) your name (first name only is fine for now), and your email address. (I'll screen all comments, so you're not giving your email to the world.)

You do not need to have any modeling experience. Just a sense of fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!


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