Jaja (jajaneko) wrote in egl,

Sailor and Guro shoot~ [Reposted for my cut didn't work]

Hi. I would like to share some of the latest shoots we had this year. The first set if from the sailor lolita shoot we had in the beautiful islands of Boracay, Philippines. Me and my twin x bff, Izhia, went as models and I had my boyfriend shoot for us. But since photography is not his thing, I acted as a director the whole time.

The dresses are 100% handmade by me. It's my first time sewing that kind of neckline sooo, please be nice. :b

The next set is from the guro lolita shoot I had with my friend Caz and Liac. Liac was our model in which she did a very good job. My friend, Caz, did the make up and styling. The outcome was great for I worked with people who have the heart for darker styles.

For larger views, please visit my gallery in DA. Comments, critics, suggestions, and faves are most welcome

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