soap_e_bubbles (soap_e_bubbles) wrote in egl,

My Own Designs

Well, first I should probably warn everyone... My drawings were LITERALLY all drawn in about 5 minutes or so (each), so there's really no point in giving me tips on how-to-draw. Trust me, I'm aware of most of the horrendous mistakes here (e.g. the dresses are all on anorexic, no-curves, and midget people). I want to hear more critique on the actual designs of the clothes, some ideas other people might have come up with on seeing them, if you like the overall theme, etc...

So without further ado, here they are (you'll probably also notice how old my scanner is):
Let's go see an opera~! (Halter top & skirt)
Butterflies are awesome. (Cutsew & skirt)
It's cool to be nerdy. (JSK) <-- Heh, if you're curious, that formula I wrote on the bottom is the formula to make a heart-shaped graph.
I wrote some of the general notes all over the page, so hopefully they give you an overall idea on the color schemes and such... I promise that one of these days I'll stop being lazy and actually draw proportionally accurate designs with color. Eventually. Also, note that all the shoes look the same. That's just because I can't draw shoes, and I do not have the desire to design shoes in the first place. Please think of them as space-fillers.
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