cidien (cidien) wrote in egl,

PAX Prime Meetup Reminder

Hey girls! This is just a reminder for any of you that are going to PAX this weekend, I will be having a small meetup!


When: Sunday Sept 5th 3:30pm-5ishpm
Where: Meetup at the Cheesecake Factory
The gerenal idea is we go to the cheesecake factory & have lots of cheesecake! Chit chat, then either go play some video games (if we arnt super sick of them by then ha ha) and/or take some pics!

I know some people arn't wearing fully loli on Sunday, but it seems to be the day that works best for most. If thats the case, just maybe wear a headbow or what have you so we can know who you are in the crowd of people.
Rofl I just pictured a master chief with a head bow...

So yeah please RSVP so I can know how many people I need to RSVP for at the cheesecake factory. If you are bringing a +1 (Bf's are welcome etc) just let me know!
RSVP @ the facebook event page please!
If you don't have facebook or w/e just tell me here you're going, if not please do it on facebook! Its so much easier for me to keep track of. Thanks

I hope to see you there!

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