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An Interesting Idea?

Hello Ladies,


I've been kicking this idea around for almost a year now, but I've decided that I would like to actually attempt to make it a reality.


I want to make a Lolita themed Tarot Deck. I am quite familiar with Tarot decks, (I own at least 6 of them,) and I do practice reading them. (I am really accurate too, if I may say so myself.) I am not trivializing the Tarot in attempting this. I believe that part of the wonder of the Tarot is the wonderful art that the cards have.


I think that parts of the Lolita aesthetic could fit this quite nicely. I even have some bits of it figured out already. The suits would each feature a different style of Loli (see below for details) and i have a bit of a story worked out for the Major Arcana. But what I am stuck with are details.


Mainly, I am looking for suggestions, comments, etc on what you think of this idea. I plan on eventually photographing and perhaps publishing this deck. Details on those shoots will be worked out later, for those of you in/around NY who might be interested.


Here is what I have so far:


Minor Arcana:


Pentacles (Earth)- Classic Loli. Aristo King and Queen. Pentacles would be represented by coins.


Chalices (Water)- Sailor Not sure how to do king/queen. Chalices represented by teacups.


Swords (Fire)- Pirate/ Gothic Loli. They're the only ones who I might see using swords.


Wands (Air)- Sweet. Hime queen. Parasols would replace wands.


Minor Arcana:


The fool would start out as an ita, and follow the various trials and tribulations in becoming a "true" Loli. More detail needs to be worked out, and I am open to suggestion.


Also, please do not steal my idea. Though I may not have anything concrete to show for it yet, a lot of work and thought has gone into this already. Thank you!


So, what do you think?




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EGL,Pagan_Loli, and lolita_diviners. let me know if there is anywhere else you think it should be.

-Note: I am going to bed now, but keep those comments coming! I'll reply in the morning!!!
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