Wunderkind (biro) wrote in egl,

The ongoing quest for the perfect boots...

I've been looking for about a year and a half now for the perfect pair of platform boots, and wondered if any of you ladies and gents could help me with my quest...

I actually found a pair that are almost exactly what I want, but the trouble is, they are from Blaek Saint, who have an unfortunate reputation for having footwear that looks great in the photos and turn up disappointing. These are the boots:

They're just what I want (though in all black) - slim, no bubble-toe, nice platform, and look like they may have minimal annoying ankle-bunching.

- Has anyone ordered from Blaek Saint recently and know the quality to have improved or not?
- Does anyone know of this style of slim platform boot anywhere else, brand or otherwise? I've checked most of the usual lolita taobao stores and shoe sellers, but most of them have bubble-toes.
- Does anyone know any reputable shoe-makers who will work from photos to a good quality and in a timely manner?

Many thanks everyone :)

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