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Gothic & Sweet Lolita fashion portfolio

Hello everybody! ^^

(If this post is somehow inappropriate for the community rules, please tell me and I will alter or delete it.)

I thought I would share the beginning of my portfolio of EGL, EGA, Sweet Lolita and Lolita-inspired fashion photography. Without further ado...
(It's completely SFW, of course!)

Perhaps you'll recognize someone you know? Either way, I'd love if you just went and had a look. There isn't much yet, but more photos will be added ongoingly, so keep checking back, if you like.

All the best to you all <3
xx Rebecca

Modelling credits as is.. harlyharlekin, Flokati, Chi, Sabaku No Tai and Essie Morbide. I say thanks to everyone for their amazing modelling work, and look forward to many more great commissions <3
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