jellyfishlady (jellyfishlady) wrote in egl,

Headdress woes! :(

Okay! Let me start out the story of me ordering a hair accessory for my ivory Meta Blooming Garden JSK, which btw is one of my favorite jsks. So I thought, 'Hmmm...I should get an alice bow for this!' So I order from Meta and the first ivory blooming garden bow was the one I ordered. Well, I screwed up! I wanted an "alice band" not a headdress and I totally ordered a headdress. >_< All my fault! Now, Iv'e never worn one before and this headdress is stiff cuz of the wiring( which is nice but it gives some of the fabric bold lumps in the middle of the triangular part of the bow that piss me off). I'm not sure how to work it! I tried to tie it under my neck, which imo is very silly looking, and I tried to tie it under my hair which is very hard to do( hard because my hair is silky and the ribbon is satin). I'm kinda thinking of taking off the comb part( that's gonna be a challenge since its really sewn in) and cutting off the ribbon and gluing it to a simple head-band. I really don't know if I can pull off this headdress! I don't know what I should do! Please help! I wanna use it cuz its cute and it cost me 70 dollars! xD

This is what I ordered:

This is what I meant to order:

Any advice or help is appreciated!

P.S. I won't be responding cuz I have classes right now! I'll be back on later this afternoon!
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