goth_kittykat (goth_kittykat) wrote in egl,

looking for taobao reviews and a suggestion

like a lot of people i have started to look into the wonderful world of taobao. after going through one of the lists complied by fellow lolis on this site i couldn't find any reviews for a couple of shops. i'm wondering has anyone bought anything from these stores? and if so do you have any pics and comments about them?

shops in question:
dream garden
Cherry accessory shop can't find the name of this shop in the list)
Akane & Alois
also i was thinking it'd be cool to have these posts in the memories or something of that nature:

as people are deciding between quiteland and shopping services and people continue to look for cute decent clothing for a smaller price i think it'd make sense to have this somewhere easily accessible.

lastly, i remember faerydragonet  mentioning briefly how to understand the rating system of each store. i'm a bit confused about this because i remember reading that 4 diamonds and more are good, but i am confused as to what the hearts and other icons like crowns mean. could someone explain the rating system more thoroughly please?

thanks. :)

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