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Kansas City, KS/MO lolitas? I know you're out there ;)

Hello! My name's Lily and I've been going through several Area Specific communities with little to no luck. Usually every labor day weekend, I leave Illinois to visit relatives in KC, Kansas, and I generally try to contact people if they'd like to meet, but there hasn't been much luck in that area. I generally don't like to post these kinds of requestson EGL, but seeing how heartland_loli and centre_loli is mostly inactive, I suppose it doesn't hurt to try.

Generally, my relatives would take me to one the open markets (I don't remember the name), but I know that there are tons of other things to do. Feel free to leave any suggestions of places to visit and/or if you're interested in meeting up, even if it is a little bit impromtu

PM me for personal contact info

Have a good rest of your day!

p.s: Is Bodyline's server still being a douche?

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