soap_e_bubbles (soap_e_bubbles) wrote in egl,

Transforming Lolita into Casual

I've been in love with Lolita co-ordinates for several years, and finally started to take an actual step into it a few months ago. I got my first petticoat, skirt, and blouse from Qutieland and loved it (although I probably didn't pull it off that well).

Here's my problem though, as a high school girl still living with her parents (and without a paypal account), I CANNOT order anything without their consent. After they helped me order my first outfit (I convinced them somehow using an anime convention coming up which I attend every year; hooray for excuses), but now they're not letting me buy anything else!

I REALLY want to get more into Lolita, but I would first need some clothes to be able to actually do that. I managed to make a deal with my mom that if I can somehow incorporate the clothes I want into normal casual-ish outfits, I can buy them. THEN I can do whatever I want with them. So please help me out! I know it's probably a very strange request, but it would be great if any of you could post up pictures of you wearing lolita skirts & more into a "normal" (I hate that word) look.
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