fiery_dusk_rose (fiery_dusk_rose) wrote in egl,


If anyone is attending the Super Happy Summer Funtime meetup today in Santa Monica, and lives in or near Altadena/Pasadena, please let me know! Until today I thought I had a ride, but due to a family emergency I'm not sure yet whether I do or not.

If anyone thinks they might be able to give me a ride or even just meet partway, I'd be very grateful.>
(I hope my cut works!)

As I said I'm still not completely sure whether I need a new ride, but if anyone is willing to consider it just in case please let me know and I will confirm ASAP (as soon as I know whether my old ride still works).

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this. I did read the rules, but I'm very sorry if I broke any of them by accident.

This is also posted to the LA loli community (just to keep all my options open) so sorry if you see it twice!

Edit: Things have worked out, and my original ride can still take me. Whew!

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