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Tutorial: Easy Pocket Hoop Pannier

For a video I shot, I had to come up with a fast and inexpensive way to make pocket hoops to achieve the Rococo style poof since it would take too long to ship if I ordered from F+F.
I achieved this with items from a drug store for under $10.

My club hosted an international fashion as a fundraiser for a local charity and we decided that we needed a way to promote the show as well as keep the audience entertained during the intermission. So we decided to have an East vs. West Fashion Showdown video were I would wear a Rococo inspired dress and compete with my friend who wore a kimono on who could get dressed faster.
I only had a few days before we filmed to gather items that would make a simple dress look Rococo.

2 Round dorm/shower caddies (I got mine 2 for $5)
Drawstring/cord to go around your waist at least 2 times
old pillow case
needle and thread

Take your old pillow case and cut it to the size of your dorm caddy. Use the half of the pillow case for the other side. Sew to make a small pillow case that the caddy will fit inside of. Leave the top open so you can put the caddy inside.

Roll the top of of the pillowcase with the caddy inside to create a space to draw your string through and sew. Thread your cord through and repeat for the other caddy.

Now you have your pocket hoop pannier!


And After! It is best if you put a deflated petti over it to soften the look.

You can view how to put on the pocket hoops in part 1 of the East vs. West Fashion Showdown! And look at part 2 (its ok to fast forward through) to see who wins and our reaction!
Please note that my dress is no way accurate to the period, but the people who attended the show did not know the difference.

Please note that you will not be able to fit through many doorways with these on!
You can gently push down on the hoops or gracefully glide through sideways.

Hope you enjoyed and understood my first tutorial!
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