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Hair corsage tutorial

Keeping with the monthly theme, I thought it would be nice to share with everyone how I make hair corsages to wear with classic & gothic outfits for cheap. I already owned all of the supplies except for the flowers, which cost a whopping $1.99 per bunch at the craft store. I'm not saying this is the only way or even the best way to make hair corsages but it is how I make them. :)

EDITED TO ADD: A few people mentioned that the pictures either weren't loading for them or were loading really slowly. I don't understand why that's happening for only a small handful of people. So if you have any issues seeing the pictures you can check them out here:

After lusting after similar items from brands like Victorian Maiden and Antique Beast for years I've decided that I just can't afford to shell out on average $50 plus shipping to get a simple hair accessory. So I decided to make some of mine own...

*dried or fake flowers or leaves
*hair clips of some sort
*glue gun & glue
*florist tape (or even electrical tape)
*any other fun stuff you want to put into your hair- small bones, bows, ribbons, feathers, tulle, lace etc.

Step 1: Lay out all of your decorative items how you want to position them in your final creation so you get an idea of how big it's going to be, what order to glue things down as you go and to make sure you won't have any unwanted gaps.

Step 2: Glue down your first set of decorative items. Work your way from the outside towards the middle/the bottommost layer first. The clips I'm using are just a frame/empty in the middle and don't really leave a great base to glue things onto. So as I'm gluing my leaves on I'm also using the florist tape to cover the frame to make a better base and cover the stems of the leaves.

What clips look like before and after florist tape:

Bottom layer almost done, just need to trim that last bit of florist tape:

Step 3: The fake flowers usually pop right off their stems but they'll usually have a bit of stem sticking out of them that just gets in the way, so I cut that off.

Before step 3, too much stem:

Step 4:But now the flower isn't being held together very well so I take it apart, hit each later with a bit of glue and put it back together.

Here is the flower w/some hot glue ready to have it's last layer stuck back on:

Step 5: Glue your next layer on, in this case it's the smaller roses on top of the leaves.

Step 6: Keep on gluing your layers until you're all done. Make sure you remove any spiderweb looking strands of hot glue that make be sticking to your hair corsage. Done- pop that sucker in your hair and rock it! :)

Other finished hair corsages-

What they look like on the bottom:

I painted the leaves of this one with a golden glitter paint:

A simple one of 2 roses back to back:

Same as above, worn (sorry for the nonlolita outfit):

A spectacularly huge one:


Another closeup:

If anyone decides to follow this please share photos. It's quick, easy and cheap! :) Have you guys made your own hair accessories before and if so how did it turn out? What are some of your favorite hair corsages you've seen online, from any of the brands or elsewhere?
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