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Milanoo's many shops

EDIT: Not all of these shops are exactly Milanoo, but pretty much all of them operate under the same system, and that is you pick out a stock photo stolen from an established company from their site, pay their inflated price, and then they find a factory willing to make it for the cheapest price for them. This means you have pretty much no idea what the quality will be like, or if it will even remotely look like the stock photo you picked out. It's going to be a gamble what the finished item is going to look like, and is incredibly misleading to buyers, especially for a price that is not exactly a bargain.

Please also keep in mind that this post is not a debate on whether or not Milanoo, and Milanoo-like shops, are OK to buy from, this post is simply meant to be a list of shops that seem to follow this same sort of business operation and is being compiled for those that do not wish to gamble with their time and money when it comes time to buy clothes.

In the past few days quite a number of Milanoo shops have been posted here, so I was curious about how many they had and did a little bit of Google-fu to try to find out. Mostly I was just searching for things like "maid lolita" "goth loli" and looking for that telltale floral background. Still, I found a few of their shops, as well as a few other places that are selling Milanoo goods.

To anyone seeing this and wondering why we care so much: Milanoo, and other shops like it, is a shop that sells knock offs of brand Lolita dresses, while this is only a problem for a small percentage of people, what is a problem for everyone is that Milanoo is a scam. You are not gambling on the chance that your dress may simply be "not up to brand standards" or the sizing will be a little bit off, you are gambling on the chance that you will even get anything from Milanoo at all, let alone anything wearable. This is not just in regards to their Lolita clothes, you can read a lot of Milanoo reviews here and here, mainly from cosplayers and brides, a large portion of which have spent, in some cases, hundreds of dollars and received absolutely nothing for their money. The images you see on Milanoo are not what you will receive, they are not pictures of things Milanoo has made or things they have in stock, they are nearly all stock images stolen from other companies.

The many Milanoos (They've edited out the floral backgrounds! But the thumbnail for the Lolita section still has one) (I just got a gibberish spam comment that I think was trying to sell me on this site, thank you Milanoo for letting me know of yet another site you run!)

Milanoo's Livejournals (they commented on this post! See page 2)

Maybe Milanoos?? Chinese Wholesale bridal/prom/lolita/cosplay shops that all use the same stock photos, some of which Milanoo uses.

Milanoo advertisement disguised as blogs and articles
(a buzzword filled article assuring you that Milanoo is NOT a scam and is actually an amazing website. The author of this article is clearly stated as Milanoo "Name: milanoo Email: ***")
(same as above, this article is also stated as written by Milanoo, BUT! This one also claims that Milanoo helped her nephew find an awesome apartment and a job XD Oh Milanoo, what wont you lie about?)
(again, more "news" posted by Milanoo about how they are not a scam. I actually googled a sentence from this and found another "IS ____ A SCAM?! SIGNS POINT TO NO!" article about a different shady company, so I'm assuming these are all just mad lib style fake news)
(this one is just funny, and also by Milanoo "You have certainly impressed by the Courtney Love, the famous American rock musician and actress’s personality because she always delighted to wear prom dresses, her attractive personality become more magnificent when she wear these dresses. ")
(another Milanoo made post about how all the scam accusations are just making Milanoo work extra hard to bring you perfectly made clothes)
("The World Survive with Sexy Lingerie" What?? I can't even understand what is going on in this XD)
("Lady Gaga Bought Sexy Costumes From Milanoo" need I say more?)

Shops carrying Milanoo

Does any one have any more to add to the list?

This is by no means meant to be some kind of Milanoo witch hunt, there seems to be a lot of shops carrying Milanoo who don't typically cater to Lolitas so most likely have no idea what it is they are selling, but a list like this would be helpful to a new Lolita.

And, just for fun, here's a huge page of negative reviews, a lot of them by people buying from their formal/bride catalog and cosplay catalog, so it's not just the Lolita stuff that's crap!

and here's another one!

Edit: Please look in the comments for even more shops! I have a hard time keeping up with all the new shops and updating this post!

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