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Review: Surface Spell Gothic and Taobaobuying

My Surface Spell Gothic purchase from Taobao has arrived. So, here is the review for it.

I purchased from the taobao shop called Surface Spell Gothic, a custom blouse. The blouse was chosen for the purpose of showing off one of my collar necklace that I had it custom made from etsy.

Here is the link to the store:

Here is the link to the specific blouse that I ordered.

It's called Night Wing Gothic Style Queen's Shirt

This is the way it arrived in a small box that's a little beat up.

Don't Worry that's just a custom label. The label with my name and address is actually on the other side.

My complaint here is that the box is a very thin cardboard that took a lot of beating. When I opened it, I was rather surprised by how close the blouse was to the box and that if I haven't been as careful as I did when I was opening it. I would have accidentally sliced through my blouse. The other complaint I have is the strong smell of menthol tobacco. When I opened the box, the tobacco smell permeated my tiny little apartment. I actually had to throw away the box, because it was seriously making me ill.


The blouse is sealed in plastic. At this point, the plastic is also reeking with tobacco smell.


This is the back of the shirt with the corsetting ties. After the shirt was opened, the tobacco smell wasn't so bad. But, it was still strong enough that I'm already affected. I have the blouse hanging in my bathroom at this moment. I've also closed the bathroom door after covering the entire bathroom with oust spray, so I don't become anymore ill. 

The front of the shirt. 

Here is the close up of the pin tucks and the pearl buttons. They sent me two replacement pearl buttons. I might replace it with mother of pearl buttons later. When I can get close enough to the blouse again.

Here is the sleeve cuff with the lace and ruffles. I really love the construction of the ruffles. 

Close up of the lace and ruffling detail. The lace is of really good quality.

Here is the close up of the lace, ribbon and the chest ruffles. 

Here is the close up pic of the square collar. 


Here is the detail shot of the ruffle collar.

Regarding the purchase, I really like the construction of this blouse. It is made from good quality cotton. However, the cotton is thin, but not enough to be see through. 

Over all, I am very disappointed with the handling of the shipment. As I actually had an allergy attack attempting to handle the box. I'm not quite sure if I want to use taobaobuying again, if this is how they treat the packages they handle.                                                   
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