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Theme Post: the offbrand glories you can find in dirt cheap stores.

I dropped in Ross today to see if I could find some stuff for college (ahhh, fast approaching D:) that was cute, cheap, and would make nice additions to my room. Instead, I found a surprising goldmine of stuff for casual loli. I never have enough blouses to wear to class, and I never want to wear any of my fancier stuff for fear of the destructive unknown.



Embroidered pink towel set with tulips (two bath towels, two hand towels, two fingertip towels) - $15. This was at least sort of something I'd come there for, and I was pleased with it.


Pink/white pinstripe apron, two pockets, lace heart in center - $6. Another thing I'd come into the store for; I'm taking Drawing I in college next semester, and I wanted something cute but genuinely expendable to wear while I was messing with charcoal and graphite. Honestly, it's darling. And for $6? Omg! I also will probably end up cooking in this apron, since all of my loli aprons are for regular wear.


Nightdress - $10. About the point when I saw this, I knew all hope for not spending a crapload of money in there was lost. The material is thin, very breathable which is something I need (since I live in very very humid south). And omg, soooo cuteeee.


White bolero - $12. My feet started sucking me into the clothing section, and this bolero looked really good on me, despite having none of the general lolita standards (lace, embroidery, ruffles, etc). I tried on several others that did fit genloli, but they were either too small or just.. awkward.


White blouse - $11. Wahh, this. Despite its relatively low-seeming neckline, this blouse is really modest, and cuts off right at an area where an underbust JSK or a high waisted skirt would make the outfit perfect.


Pink/white blouse - $13. The picture makes this seem not-so-cute, but it's absolutely darling. The fabric has teeny flowers embroidered all over the white, and the pink is really muted. I'm gonna probably modify this a bit, add a bow at the top and maybe another button, but it was really cute and well fitting.


Pink floral blouse - $11. Another darling example of floral. Which is my favorite.


Yellow floral blouse - $10. I bought this a little while black, and it's super flattering to my figure both as casual loli or just casual dress. The material's so soft too, it's one of my favorite cutsews :)


Hat/gloves set - $10. Okay, this isn't really from Ross, this is from some cutesy boutique in California, but when I started posting pics from Ross, I thought I should add these too. Winter's a ways off, but good lord these were too cute and too well priced to pass up!

Total cost: ~$100 for a towel set, a nightgown, a (useable) apron, four tops, one bolero, and a hat/glove set.
Bottom line: GO TO ROSS. Not everything there is bad quality, not everything there is fugly, but EVERYTHING there is reasonably priced. I was really surprised at how much stuff struck me as darling for casual loli. None of it is what I'd wear as part of my lolita finest or anything, but for day-to-day loli, it's wonderful. Hope you enjoyed this post :)

And please, if you hate my clothing choices and think it's atrocious that anyone would wear such disgusting clothes and call it lolita, drink a bottle of drain bleach and sign it something along the lines of the internet is srs business~

OH, and happy RED, WHITE, and BLOOMERS day, US lolis <3

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