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Taobao search terms?

I'd like to have a few handy terms for searching on Taobao. I won't restrict this to lolita though, since I know I'll be shopping there for other stuff. The terms I know are (I don't know Chinese, I just found them):

Man = 男
Woman = 女
lady = 淑女
princess = 公主

himegyaru = 宫廷 / 复古 / 公主风 / 华丽 / 公主 / 公主裙 / 日系 / 蝴蝶结 / 蝴蝶 / 蕾丝
punk = 庞克
gothic = 哥德
lolita = 洛莉塔/洛丽塔 / 羅麗塔

One-piece dress = 连衣裙
Jumper skirt = 背心裙
generic term for dresses or sundresses = 洋装

Coat = 外套
Wool coat/jacket = 大衣
Jacket = 夹克
bolero = 贝壳衫
shawl = 披肩
cardigan = 小外套
bunny hoodies = 兔外套
T-shirt = T恤
Blouse/cutsew = 衬衣 (could also be 上衣)
corset = 束腹 (or 束身衣)
belt = 腰带
Female belts = 女士腰饰
Waist cinching belt = 夏款腰带

Pants = 裤子
Lantern Pants = 灯笼裤
shorts = 短裤
Skirt = 裙/裙子
Pencil skirt = 西装裙 / 西服裙
Mermaid skirt = 鱼尾裙
Miniskirt = 超短裙 / 迷你裙
lolita skirt = 半身裙

generic term for socks = 袜子
ankle socks = 短袜
knee high socks = 中筒袜
pantyhose = 丝袜
loose socks = 泡泡襪

petticoat/pannier = 裙撑
underskirt = 内衬裙/底衬裙
Bloomers = 灯笼裤/南瓜裤

female shoes = 女鞋
Shoes = 鞋子
Boots = 靴子
ankle boots = 短靴
tall boots = 长靴
moccasin-like boots = 流苏靴
wedges = 松糕鞋/坡跟
heels = 高跟鞋
high heels (or heeled) = 高跟
flats = 平底鞋
foam soles = 松糕
sandals = 凉鞋
Gladiator sandals (or strappy sandals in general) = 罗马鞋
Mary janes = 女王鞋 (but it can get you other results too, especially fetish shoes... :/ But I think generally if you use this term, you will find thick-soled mary janes or just MJ in general)
NANA 鞋 = usually refers to rocking horse shoes. You could also try 松糕鞋 to get rocking horse shoes
creepers = 休闲鞋
dress shoes = 洋装鞋

accessories = 配饰 (could also be 配件 or 小物)
headdress = 头 饰 (generic term for head items. Try 发梳 for hair accessories)
round headdress = 丸 型发饰
hair band = 发箍
straw hat = 草帽 (小草帽= mini straw hat)
bags = 包
tote bags = 环保袋
gloves = 手套 (refer to winter gloves. 蕾丝手套 will give you lace gloves)
Umbrella/parasol = 伞
Fake Nails = 假指甲
Nail Deco (most of the search results are gems ) = 指甲饰品
Nail Deco = 美甲材料 (You’ll more likely get results for the sort of things that you see in a lot of OTT lolita nails. Decocanes also tend to come up with you use this term.)
贴钻= another term you could use to find nail deco stuff. I think it comes up with better results than the previous terms.
Decocanes = 软陶条

rings = 戒指
earrings = 耳环
necklace = 項鍊 / 项链
bracelets = 手环

wig = 假发
long bangs = 长刘海
long = 长
light = 浅
wavy curly hair = 波浪卷卷发
curly hair = 卷卷发
curls = 卷发
Sailor Moon = 美少女戰士
doulbe tiger bun (double buns like miku) = 双虎口

Stripes = 条纹
Tartan = 格子
Single-colour = 单色
Multi-colour = 多色
Ribbon = 緞帶
Wool = 毛呢
Cotton = 棉布
Silk = 丝绸
chiffon = 玻璃紗
Velvet = 平绒
leopard print = 豹纹
zebra print = 斑马纹

embroidery = 刺绣
Peter Pan collar (or rounded collars in general) = 小圆摆翻领
custom made = 定做
scallop edge = 花瓣下摆
applique = 刺绣 most often refer to embroidery stuff.
sailor fuku or sailor clothes in general = 水手服
蕾丝 is phonetic for lace. 緞帶 is the proper term. (But, on taobao you'll see 蕾丝 for lace instead.)

红 色= red
粉红色= pink
白色= white
黑色= black
蓝色= blue
紫色= purple
绿色= green
黄色= yellow
橘色= orange
咖啡色= brown
金色= gold color
银 色= silver color

anything Japan = 日式 / 日系 / 日本
Kimono = 和服
Oiran = 花魁
Geta = 下駄
Yukata = 浴衣
Hakama = 袴
Jinbei = 甚平
Junhitoe = 十二單
Tabi = 分趾鞋襪
Modern Obi: 腰封
Traditional Obi: 日本腰帯

anything Korean = 韩式 / 韩系 / 韩国

sweet = 甜美 (may not necessarily pertain to sweet lolita stuff)
candy = 糖果 (again, may not pertain to just sweet lolita stuff)
cute = 可爱
music note = 音符
heart shaped = 心形物
discounted/for sales items: 特价品

houseware = 家器

1/3 or 1/4 size: 1/3或1/4尺寸可做 (if you are into bjds!)

I don't want to use an online translator because it may come out iffy. I think the terms I'd like to know are: punk, goth, more specific terms for shoes (wedges, heels, etc), corset belt, and just common terms like that.


EDIT July 11th, 2011: A year has pasted, and I FINALLY updated. Rearranged some things, added a lot

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