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Washing your Brand...Advice on these products?

Hey there! I was wondering if anyone had ever used one of these (a pressure hand washer):


It seems like a pretty fabulous way of taking care of dresses, since it's compact, quick, portable, and supposedly gentle.

Additionally, has anyone ever used one of these (a larger hand washer)?


If the first one works out, I might consider purchasing the bigger one, just because I want to make sure I don't damage what I've spent so much money on.

I'm also planning on getting one of these (a fabric steamer):

It seems to be the the best way of ironing things without damaging the item.

If anyone has experience with using any of these or similar items, I'd be really interested in some feedback.

Also, shameless plug, but if you haven't been there, please check out, the new database aiming to preserve the history of lolita items. We could really use your help with adding prints & owner information. :]

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