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In need of MM petti advice!

Okay, so I need a petticoat with some ooomph!, 'cause I like my skirts full and cupcakey! I checked through the  EGL memories and looked at the reviews for Malco Mode, and I'm down to the 580 and the 582 here... in black. I like pettis that are soft (who doesn't) and with lace on the bottom if I can get it, 'cause if I  do just so happen to fall over or flop down for the hundredth time, I'd rather what people get a peak of is a mass of lace and not my popo  O_o;

... also it looks nicer. >__>

I also know that they can be rather triangular, but I can put a shorter petti on over it to fill out the shape. Which leaves me to the final aspect of...

How much is too much?

Do I really need 40 yards of POOF!... or will the 30 yards of the 580 suffice? Will it go flat and therefore I'll need that extra yardage?
(I'm 5'2" FYI, so I can always roll it up... I think... =__= )

I just don't know which to choose.

Any advice will help!

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