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QutieLand Ballerina Ribbon Separate Shoes review: Miranda vs. Secret Shop

So QutieLand carries Ballerina Ribbon Separate shoes replicas. They have the same model of the shoes, made by 2 different companies.
But which one is better?

Miranda shoes are for $330 HKD, Secret Shop for $350 HKD. So the price difference is very small (about $3 us).

Secret Shop shoes must be reservered, they often aren't available to buy now... sometimes they are, but only small quantity and few sizes. Miranda shoes can be ordered anytime, in any color and any size.

Sizes and colors
Miranda shoes can be made in so many colors (and in very unusual, too)! And they have sizes up to 27.5 cm.
Secret Shop shoes are available in many colors, too, but not that much as Miranda. Their size goes only to 25 cm.

And now the photos!

* Please note, Miranda shoes don't have a little bow on back

Who wins?
Both shoes look really pretty and are good quality.
However, Secret Shop shoes have more details (bow on back, detechable bows with pearls, and much much nicer sole). So if your size is up to 25cm and the reservations are open, go definitely for the Secret Shop!
But if you have a bigger feet or you missed the reservation, Miranda Shoes are still nice :)

QutieLand service
About QutieLand, they are really great service. The communication is very good, sometimes it takes few days from them to reply (because they have a lot of customers), but they always reply to my questions. Although I had many items in my order (17 items) in different colors, sizes, and many custom sizes, there were no mistakes, everything arrived perfectly, just like ordered. I can recommend them!
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