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 Hey, everybody!
Just letting you all know that the Anime Evolution 2010 (Vancouver, Canada, August 13-15) fashion show is still looking for models! We're still looking for representatives for all styles, the more the merrier! ♡

The wonderful and incredibly generous nana_jun ( ) has offered to loan us accessories like bags and shoes, so if you’re worried about that just let us know and we’ll set something up for you! We’ll also have items from Ridi Kitty Designs ( ), so if you'd like to wear something from them let us know by the end of the month (short notice, I know DX) and well figure it out! Some of us are also open to loaning out basic items like blouses to help fill out peoples outfits, so, again, just let us know beforehand and we’ll work something out. ^^
We’ll also have hair and makeup people on hand, but we do ask you to provide your own foundation/eyeliner/mascara for sanitation purposes. And, if you’re open to helping out with that sort of thing, we'll happily provide you with goodies for your work!

Now, the contact info!

There are three of us doing this, cest_la_bri/Bri, myself/Anne, and loli_scarecrow. Loli_scarecrow/Cece is handling the email side of things, so here’s what you need to know for contacting her:
Her email address is cl_bright @ (minus the spaces, of course~)

For model applications, send her a message titled “Lolita Fashion Show + [the style you plan on wearing]”. Please attach a full body picture of what you plan on wearing , list the items, and describe the sort of hair/makeup you’re going for (unless you’re doing it yourself)
If you want to wear something from Ridi Kitty, attach a full body picture, with bust, waist, hips measurements along with your submission.

For the Nana_jun items, include the item you need [URL] with the colour and size.
If you want to do hair/makeup/generally help out, subject it as ' fashion show [hair/make up/ helper], and please attach examples of your work!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask any of the three of us and we’ll be happy to answer as best we can.


Thank you so much for reading, and we look forward to seeing you there! ♡
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