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Hey guys!

I am starting a summer-long photo book project as a gift for Misako Aoki. When Misako Aoki came to New York City back in February, it was on completely last-minute notice, no more than 1-2 weeks in advance. Many girls in the area weren't able to attend to take photos or express their admiration for her, while others may not have been able to give her a small gift. With the help of Tokyo Rebel, we will be sending this as a surprise.

This small, random idea came to me a few weeks before International Lolita Day. "Why not make her a photobook?" The online lolita community have done so with Angelic Pretty and especially Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, right? But rather just making a simple photobook, it's also a way to show how huge the Western community really is, and how much we are into the style to plan panels, make it into local newspapers, having a little spotlight on TV, documentaries made, etc.: but most importantly (imo) the fact that more than 5 years ago, International Lolita Day was made to remind us that whether we have our lolita friends in the metro, or out alone dressed up in the boondocks, there are hundreds or thousands of other girls wearing the same eccentric style at that moment.

I want to give that bit of awareness to the community and the day we've made. Who better than Misako?

Have the thought ever crossed your mind, "How well do Japanese lolitas know about the Western community?" Ever wanted to show and share your love for the style, or show how huge and active your local community is? Ever wanted to share artwork or fanart/fanletters to Misako? This is the chance to do it!

One Question that may have crossed your mind~

So why Misako if we done brand books?

While those books were made and given to designers in person (and as far as I hear, sitting in one of their stores?), one of the issues that concerned these books was brand loyalty. It was catered towards two mainly sweet brands, which kind of left out gothic lolitas and others from entering much, for the most part.

This will be a book about ALL of the western community in its entirety, no matter what style you mainly wear. Even though Misako seems to be mainly sweet in lifestyle, she has her bit of gothic wardrobe and have been an example of all the lolita styles throughout the years. Though this is a personal gift, she may end up sharing the love around to her friends, family, her connections, and employers.


So what's next? Submitting work, of course!

How is this going to be formatted?

The photobook pages are 12x12 inches and so far I bought 50 pages. While this should be enough, I would like to get as many of those filled xD The photobook itself is light pink, with a fabric cover. After the inside is done, the outside will probably be deco'd in some way 8D

There are gonna be three major parts (so far)--
1) Lolita Day photos (whether it be snapshots, or meetup photos)
2) Other Photos (photos that are not from lolita day)
3) Artwork, etc. (purikura, fanart, letters, etc.)

This is our definite categories so far, more may be added as the pages are being put together. Some content might be in other places of the book (e.x.-- some artwork with the regular photos-- a snapshot of you to go next to your artwork, etc), but that's how it's going to be so far.

I thought of a Country Rep-- as in every country gets their own personal space-- but depending on the number of photos received, it may go by continent (with your name/alias, age, and country/landmark city next to your photo)

I don't think it'll be possible to do a short "why I love lolita/outfit inspiration" text, since we have a very small group of girls who can properly translate, but that may as well be an optional component to your entry. The worst thing is that we won't be able to translate and put that text in the book-- which isn't too much. But we'll see what can be done!

As far as ARTWORK and fanart is concerned, it obviously has to be your own. As far as fanLETTERS, if you can speak enough Japanese to make one, you're welcome to do so! However we won't be translating any sort of fan letters for people, for the same reasons stated above-- so if you do one, make sure it's readable xD Refrain from Babelfish, Google Translate, etc.

For all images, they should be CLEAR and big so they can look good when they're printed. So please try and give me high-res photos :3 Preferably 300dpi and 4x6 inches. I may contact you for a bigger resolution (e.x. artwork) if I think it'll look nice bigger, so note if you happen to have -huge- files too xD Thanks.

If you wish to send physical copies of things, say fanart, fanletters, or PURIKURA (if you got purikura you are WELCOME to send it to me-- seriously, I have so many extra copies of these little photos that I'll be spamming them in this book xD No joke), we can arrange for it to be sent by mail. If you have a small group of friends or something, I encourage sending it all in one envelope to save money.

TL;DR-- suggested items:
-Photos: Street snaps, meet-up pictures, photo shoots, purikura stickers, polaroids, etc.
-Art: Fanart, regular lolita art, paper or electronic
-Letters: fanletters written in proper Japanese, or small notes like "why I love loli", loliday, "thank you for being an inspiration", etc.


Please send all content to misakopb[at]yahoo.com in this format:

Subject line:
A) "Lolita Day photo"
B) "Photo/Artwork"
C) "Other" (letters)

Please do not send both types in the same Email! Send them separately. This is to make things less confusing on my end, and be able to categorize everything quickly.

Lolita Day photos and artwork should come with the following text, unless you don't want to be noted/anonymous:
3-Country or Landmark City (e.x. NYC, San Fran, London, Paris, Moscow, etc.)
4-OPTIONAL: "why I love lolita" or "outfit inspiration". Please keep this within 80 characters (not including spaces or punctuation)

Of course, submission periods gotta come to an end, so here they are:

Lolita Day Photos: July 17th 2010 (Since Lolita Day is long past and everyone should have their photos online by now--)

Everything else: Sent by July 22nd, preferably.

This is so the book can get worked on by mid-July, and hopefully done by mid-August. I'm trying to take a good amount of time so this project will look EXCELLENT.

I'm within the NYC/Tri-state area, and I want to help!

I won't be making official meet-ups (since we don't -have- to dress up in order to put together a book e_e) but I will post notices in my personal journal, as well as my Facebook and on nyclolitas asking about potential dates. As for actual meets, if I happen to plan any, I will bring the book. If I end up attending anyone else's, I'll see if it's ok with the hostess and act accordingly. So you can comment or PM me and I'll keep your name on a list of people I will PM with updates and meeting plans.

In mid-August I will be hosting a tea party (tba), and hopefully by then at least the inside will be done and I'll bring it to show everyone.

Also, if anyone would like to donate anything towards the project, you can at the donation link below. Unfortunately times are hard, and I'm using my allowance money on this xD; Express shipping to Japan could be anywhere between 60-80 dollars, so if you can give spare change, a dollar, that'd be SO helpful. Anything extra will go towards buying more scrapbook supplies. ; w; thanks

Any other questions you can comment or PM me or e-mail at the above address :3 Let's make this happen!

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