Bunny (bunnyko) wrote in egl,

Death Smiles

video game with lolitas
available today for xbox

my bf called me from work today to specifically make me look up this game. the collectors edition comes with a faceplate for the xbox! its a side scrolling shooter game, and looks insanely cute and fun.

this link has an image of the box set as well as a video of gameplay/review

my bf came home that night saying that they only had one copy of puzzle quest2, so he couldn't get me one, but he got me the limited edition of this game instead! XD its alot of fun once you get the controls down.

the story is basically when children go missing, sometimes they end up in this alternate world. thre are 5 girls, 2 from england, 1 from france, germany and america. they range in age from 11-17, but all arrive in the world between ages 6-8. a mysterious old man decided to take care of them (as he was once a lost child as well). their mission is out to stop the one girls (sakura) father from destroying their world as he has opened a gateway that is letting monsters in. you destroy monsters until you reach him, and fight him. the portal he opened lets in monsters until midnight, when it will change into a portal home. as you play though with each girl, you have to choose if they stay or go. you get a different ending for each one (i've only gotten one ending for each so far.)

each girl has a familiar, and has different properties (some have stronger attacks but weaker bombs etc). only one of the girls seems to wear "real" loli, and thats the red-head. the green one is more maid, the blue one more costume goth, sakura is witch and the older girl is like, erotic fairy.

overall a fun shoot em up game, you can play 2 player too!
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