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Bodyline Skirt Review (L120) & Coordination Question

I received my Bodyline skirt today! *dances*
So I hope it's okay that I post a review of the skirt on here? 

Firstly: Before my review, I just want to say that I'm open to coordination suggestions for this skirt. I'm thinking black is what I'll pair it with. The skirt is technically "orange" OH NO black & orange haha but in real life it's really not orange its peach colored so I think black would be okay. But I'm open to ideas because I'm still new to lolita so I'd like to hear other peoples opinions too ^^

Well I placed my order on 6/24 and it arrived today 6/29, so that's definitely an A+ on shipping speed! They delivered directly to my door and I signed for the package. That is all :).

This is the bag it came in, very cute ^^
Now onto the skirt.
The stock photo of the skirt can be found here as well as accurate measurements-
& here are my pictures:

Please excuse my kitty cat, he was very curious :P

The corset portion of the skirt

The skirt without the corset on top & the ribbons on the bottom untied
This is the inside of the corset, it's partially shirred on the back & they included an extra button on the inside (attached to the tag in the first picture) :)

As for how it fits. On me it actually fits perfectly! I was afraid that it might be short on me because I'm 5'8, but it hits me pretty much right at the knee. The waist band is elastic so no problems there and the corset also fits like a glove. It
's not too constricting or too loose :).
This is my first review so I'm not sure how the rating system works but here goes: 
Shipping = 5/5
Appearance = 5/5
Fit = 5/5

My ONLY complaint would be that the ribbons on the bottom of the skirt are not made out of really great material, they feel plastic-y, and they are not soft. Other than that the material of the skirt is nice and the colors are pretty much exactly what I expected.
I hope this review was helpful ^^

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