Naneki (faerydragonet) wrote in egl,

The Annual AX Lolita Dinner Meetup Final Notice

This is your final AX 2010 Meetup notice. In consideration to all the lolis that has a table at the Artist's Alley. The meetup is going to be on Friday, July 2nd, at 7pm. This will give all the lolis at the Exhibition Halls time to break down their tables and get ready for the meet. We'll meet in front of LACC. That's the first rendesvous point. Our second rendesvous point is the event shuttle depot. So, if you have missed us at the front of LACC, meet us at the event shuttle stop.

We'll taking the complimentary event shuttle to the Second Street, or as close to the Second Street as we can, and hike the rest of the way down Second street going towards Alameda to Mitsuru Cafe in Little Tokyo.

Mitsuru Cafe's address is here:

I hope to see you all there. Let's have a great meet.
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