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Plus-size? Or not? Or only for loli...

A slightly stupid question, I think, but I would like to get it off my mind since it brought up a whole slew of other self-image, self-defintion, and societal defintion issues.

I consider myself a plus-sized loli on the basis I don't fit into most brand stuff. However, in terms of Western sizing, I usually wear small to medium sizes for skirts and medium to large sizes for shirts so I fall into the average (I suppose). It sounds ridiculous to call myself plus-sized, I know, but in Japanese sizing, I probably am I plus-sized person. Not that it matters to me...but is this a good defintion? Or, to clarify, is this a definition that some people are going to understand and not be offended by?

Because I got yelled at and almost beat up for it.

I was out shopping with friends one day and carrying on a conversation about styles I loved, which definitely includes lolita as my number one favorite. I was talking to a friend about how much I wished I could easily fit into loli clothes I adored, such as items from Victorian Maiden (which I tend to be too busty for) or into a Baby dress that's been sitting in my closet for a year (waiting for a professional tailor to help it deal with my ribcage). I believe I said something to my friend along the lines of "All of the major brands I love never seem to make stuff for plus-sized people like me!"

Cue for random, angry, plus-sized girl (no I'm not calling her fat, I'm just saying she was definitely in this sizing range) to stomp up to me and say "Shut the f*** up you skinny bitch! You don't know what the f*** you're talking about! I'm going to kick your bony ass if you keep going on about how f****** fat and plus-sized you are! Don't you dare go around saying you even have ass like someone like me!"

Needless, to say, my friend and I were completely stunned. I had absolutely nothing to say to her as she stomped away, still visibly pissed off. If I hadn't been so shocked and that girl hadn't been so angry, I would have been more than happy to clarify myself with "No, I'm talking about Asian sizing. They tend to run super small in comparision to Western sizing."

I've heard all about the "fat-ass" vs. "skinny bitch" arguments before and know they occur once in a while in certain loli comms. I never really cared about them. But do people honestly get offended if you happen to "wrongly" classify yourself?

Would I anger anyone here by calling myself a plus-sized loli? I don't think it's a label, and even if it was, it's certainly not a shameful one. (Neither is "skinny bitch" for that matter...) For me, plus-sized has simply meant the need to find clothing that can fit larger bodies.

I'm sorry if the story seemed to be an overly personal and out of place thing. To me, it's necessary as part of explaining my question since it was what got me wondering in the first place. Also, body image and perception has been a point of interest for me since I took a class on it. It's surprising how much external influences can have on self-image and perception, even on the most independent persons.
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