Hello Batty (trinktaliesin) wrote in egl,
Hello Batty

Theme Post: My Idol

All of you girls are my idols! I love that all of us take the step to be different. And, also the brave attitude to join such a group of us on here and post with so many fights and cut downs on how to act and dress like a true lolita! Being a lolita takes guts both in and out of the community!

But, if I have to pick on it would be Robin Joobin! She is so cute I found her on YouTube searching for maid cafe dance and watched all of her videos. I instantly subscribed because of her adorable personality and her cute lolita style. She seems to live such a cheerful existence. I know I don't know her personally but from what she shows of herself I admire her and really love her tastes in everything!

If you don't know who she is and want to check her out visit her videos here!

Also, I admire Anne Rice and how she portrays the vampires in the chronicles... I try to live elegantly and learn from their all too human mistakes. I like to see the world through an eye of someone who loves beauty and understands that we only have one life to live so not to waste it worrying about what people will think of you but then not cause needless trouble either! I love Claudia and when I first heard about lolita thought of a lot of girls running around looking like her. But since then I have discovered I like sweet lolita! And, I doubt Claudia would be fond of that.
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