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69th Department Review

Image heavy review of the 69th Department

69th Department: 5/5

H'okay, I e-mailed 69th Department on Jun. 2, and they e-mailed me back the next day.  I couldn't figure out their website, (i.e logging in to leave a comment to buy something and such.  So I just e-mailed them!)  And let me say, they were really helpful, extremely.  Even more so since this will be my first real "lolita" purchase I suppose you could say, so I was/an a total newbie when it comes to ordering things like this online, (used to you know...carts and all...ANYWAYS)

Communication: 5/5
As I stated above, they were extremely helpful and were quick to reply to my emails, give me sizes, prices and everything else.  

On to the purchase!
I bought two blouses (one for me, the other one a friend bought but we got it together to save on shipping)
This is the blouse I bought:

This is the one my friend bought:

The box was slightly bent at one end, but nothing too bad - I don't blame that on 69th - it was probably the postal people.

As you can see, the corner is all dented in - but it's really not that big of a deal.

This cute little pink bag was inside the box

And this was inside the bag!

I guess my only issue was that they were only wrapped inside a plastic bag and were kind of wrinkly...but, I've never ordered blouses before - so maybe that is standard.  But yeah, nothing to big to be upset about.

(Both blouses)

My blouse~  I really love it.  It's made nicely, and I haven't found any flaws with it. I got an XL because I have kind of big boobs.  And me and buttons don't always work well together you know? But I'll talk about that in a sec

Close up of the collar

Worn!  I know you all must simply LOVE my neon green shorts and after-sunscreen lotion.  I know I'm not at all put together, and frankly my dears, I don't give a damn.  haha, I got the package after I got home from work and it was the highlight of my day considering I was sunburnt AND fractured my toe at work!  So! I wasn't too considered with how I looked at that time.  Hell, I even put a bra on just to try the blouse on!

Ah, that pull between the buttons that I always get.  It really isn't that bad, and I sure is mostly my fault because I just grabbed a bra to put on, that unleashes the girls to their....full-potential.  So, with the right bra I'm sure that slight tug will be gone.  
But other than that, it fits perfectly.  I love it.  It's nice fabric and just feels nice.  It's not too tight or anything.

Another close up of the collar because I freaking love it!  That is the reason I bought the blouse was for my steamloli that I'm doing for Otakon. (Still have to make my high-waisted skirt for that)

This was my friend blouse:

I didn't unfold it or anything because it was hers, and I wanted her to have that fun.  But, I was with her when she tried it on and she always loves her blouse.  The only thing with hers is -she is long torso'ed so it was a little bit short, but she is wearing a high-waisted skirt with the blouse also so that really doesn't matter.  But those with the long waists, I would keep that in mind.  (She bought a L and doesn't have the same issue as me with the chest, but her's fit fine.  Don't have a picture of all that though.)

Items: 5/5

My payment with paypal went through either June 9 or 10th and I got my tracking number the 10th
USPS of course has a funny habit of not updating their tracking information, so it was the 18th and it said it arrived in New York the 14th. Haha
But it arrived the 18th so the shipping was really fast - it just seemed to take longer because I'm impatient as hell

Shipping: 4/5

Overall, I was extremely happy. 

Alright class, you may put your pencils down, the review is over!

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