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Theme Post: My Lolita Idol

This is my Lolita Idol: (I know I'm lame, I only have one. xD)

Candice White Ardley-

Candy Candy is one of my favorite old mangas of all time. I love the sweet storyline and the warm-hearted characters. Especially Candice. She's a very sweet, spunky orphan girl that gets adopted into a rich family to be a maid. She dreams of becoming a proper lady one day in the hopes of marrying her beloved Anthony that lives next door. Candice loves to help people, even the ones that are terribly mean to her. She's always dressed in pretty dresses and her hair is always in big curls with bows that suit her personality so well. She's very happy, beautiful person that I admire very much.

Thank you for looking!
Miranda ♥
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