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Lots of pictures from the main portion of the Fancy French Event

I just realized that I only posted my pictures from the fashion show portion of the main day of Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves over here and never shared the rest of the photos from that day. All of the attendees were so friendly, sweet and super well dressed. You girls really made the event fun for me and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that I hung out with, talked to briefly or let me take their picture.

Forgive me for being lazy and not including LJ names this time around. There's just so many photos and so many people that I only know their real life names, so to keep it simple I'm just sharing the photos w/o names for now.

My table, and the only picture I got of me in my outfit that day.

To pass the time the lovely ladies of invited us outside to take some street snaps, everyone was signing waivers because they may end up in Kera or the GLB, honestly not sure which.

Lining up for photos.

A few girls from Fanime stopped by to say hi.

Umi, getting everyone ready for pictures.

So bright and hot, hiding from the sun.

mognetcentral, sporting my favorite accessory- giant camera of doom :)

pawteegal of Cosplay Oneesan, who put on the event.

A bit of the line waiting to get in to the main event right before we were let in.

Inside, everyone being seated.

Table centerpieces.

The contents of my goodie bag.

pawteegal opening up the event.

Our beautiful hostess for the event, introducing the Miss Lolita USA contestants.

After the girls shared their talents and their answers to the questions that would help late decide who won, it was concert time.

I'm going to be honest, I actually don't like Kokusyoku Sumire's music, but aren't they just too cute?!

After that it was intermission time and when we got back tea and snacks were being served. Here's our table's snack tray.

Then the fashion show started. I already posted all of my pictures from that here:

Once the fashion show ended it was time to announce who won Miss Lolita USA. Congrats to the girl that won and to all the girls that participated.

The designer from Chantilly and the girls from Kokusyoku Sumire.

And that's a wrap. As everyone poured out to go get good spots in line for the boutique, I rushed around to grab group shots of everyone's tables.

Gothic VIP table.

Sweet VIP table.

mint_cake, looking SO FRICKIN ADORABLE. Lots of <3 to all the ladies that still rock lolita when they're pregnant.

A part of the line for the boutique.

A couple of the girls that modeled in the fashion show.

The line was a bit too long for me so I headed over to Fanime. On the way I passed a group of girls coming back from taking photos in the park.

Then I threw on something a bit comfier for bumming around Fanime for a while.

After that I came home to snuggle on the couch with kitties and die of sleep depreciation.

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