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Review: Bodyline Rocking Horse Shoes

I've never bought anything from Bodyline before, and I've always wanted a pair of RHS, so I thought "why not?" and ordered a pair as a birthday present to myself. I know someone else on here did a review of their RHS not too long ago, but I thought it might be a good idea to have another review of them (I bought them in a different style anyway).

I decided to use EMS for shipping and I couldn't believe how fast it was! I live in the United States and it only took a few days. I ordered the shoes late Monday night, and received them around 10:30 this morning! I was actually asleep when the delivery guy came to the door XD They came in a bag (not a box, but I hear all Bodyline shoes are shipped this way).

Here are the shoes I ordered, except I got them in black:

The package was in fairly good condition. This picture was taken after I opened it.

The shoes were wrapped in tissue paper and had more paper inside them to keep the shape. Luckily they're black, so if they got scuffed at all, you can't even tell (but I don't think they did).

As for complaints...I really can't find anything seriously wrong with them. The other reviewer commented on the smell, and I have to admit, they do have a rather...cancerous odor to them. I think they'll be okay if I air them out a bit. The foam appears to be okay, they're finished nicely, and the insides of the shoes look perfect. The only think I noitced is that some of the lugs still have flash on them from the molds:

You can pick it off if you're careful, though. I was kinda afraid it might mess up the ribbons when you pull them through. Also the ribbons don't stay up too well, but it's like that for pretty much any RHS with ribbons. That's okay with me since I think they look nicer witht he ribbons tied around the ankles anyway.

And the positives...these are definitely true to size! I wear a US size 7 and sometimes can fit into a 6½, so I ordered them in size 240 (which is 6½~7), and they fit great. I was really worried because I know Bodyline sizing is very iffy. They're very easy to walk in (I own a pair of 5½ inch platform boots, so these are no problem). They're a little bit higher than I expected (about 2 3/4 inches), so if you've never worn platforms, I'd recommend practicing walking in them before you go out anywhere. I also love the bows on the front! At first I kinda wanted to take them off (they appear to be glued on), but now I rather like them.

I hope this was helpful!
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