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Yet another Taobao review (Infanta, Surface Spell, antaina) + Dollypoodle shopping service review

Hello everyone!

About 3 weeks ago I decided to buy some items from taobao for my birthday. I decided to use dollypoodle shopping service since I've heard great things about it.

Shopping Service (5/5)

Dollypoodle is perfect, deals with the whole procedure in a very professional manner, is very polite and even made some suggestions out of personal experience to make my purchases even better. The shipping service she uses is very quick too. She shipped the items a week ago and I just received them. Pretty fast, huh?

The items arrived well packaged too. The shoes had their own box.




The items (sorry for the bad quality of the photos) :

Infanta Blouse (5/5)


I bought this blouse from infanta in black. I chose size L even though I am a M because Infanta suggested so, since  it is a bit tight because of the inelastic material
I really love this blouse. It is very detailed, the lace is soft and the materials look very good quality-wise.






It also has lacing on the back so it is quite adjustable!

Infanta OP (4.5/5)


I really like this OP. It has a very nice color and fits very well. I also ordered this in L because Infanta told me it would be a bit tight otherwise

Detachable Bows (2 of them)

Very soft and detailed lace



Back Side. It has lacing on the back, even though it is not shown on the site. That's a plus for me!


My only, minor problems were some loose threads, which I am going to cut, and the fact that it is not lined at all. Definitely not to be worn with a black bra in my opinion. But then again I think it is ok for summer wear.

Surface Spell Navy Blue JSK (4.5/5)

This is a very nice JSK. I bought it in size M, the material is a bit strechable so it fits me perfect.

Details. The jsk came with a spare button too.

Lovely brooch

Back side. It has very cute lacing.

My only problem again was that the JSK was not fully lined and had some loose threads. Other than that, perfect

Love is Blind Antaina Shoes (3/5)


This was the only item that let me down. Mainly because it doesn't look like the one on the pics so much. the pair I received has a very thick sole at the front side, which is also white instead of black.  This makes them less plain and casual than I wanted.
I usually wear size  EU 37 but I ordered those in size 38 instead. They fit very well and have some space at the front too.
Also note that these shoes have almost no traction at all, and are a bit slippery even on normal surface. 
Finally the Heart buckles they used to make them are more unpractical than the typical heart buckles you usually get with these kind of shoes.

But they are not bad looking I think so I am not totally dissapointed.

To conclude I am generally satisfied. Ι will definatelly by from taobao again in the future. It was a nice experience!

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