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Giant Review: Kurodatenshi + Infanta + Princess Faith + Dear Celine + Secret Shop

Recently I ordered quite a few items through kurodatenshi / my_thriftstore , (her shopping service page can be found here) and I wanted to make a review of everything! I ordered along with two of my friends, azndragonkeeper and matsuparadise so that we could split international shipping costs. 

I'll start off with a review and pictures of each item, then all of the information about the whole order.

All of the pictures are clickable to make larger, and I'm only doing a review of the items I bought :3

This is the way the package arrived. The wrapping material was sturdy, and there was a lot of tape on it. We had trouble figuring out where to open it from! But we ended up just ripping it XD
Inside, everything was well packaged in individual plastic bags.

Floral High-Waist Skirt
Brand: Infanta
Color: Floral
Original Price: 198 Yuan / $29 USD 

|| info and more pics at Infanta ||    


Item Quality: 4.5/5
Oh man, am I in love!! This is basically the reason I made the whole order O_O This skirt is simply gorgeous. They added corsetting in the back that wasn't in the original pictures. All of the seams are well finished, and the lace is really soft. It fits me really well, and is really comfortable.

Flaws: The buttonholes could use a little work, they had quite a few loose threads. One of the buttons on the front was sewn upside down, but I can easily resew that. A bit of the lace had some loose ends, but I cut it off and it looks fine now.


upside down buttonseamprint
bottom laceinsidetag, washing instructions, and extra button
back corsetting  buttonholes

Without Petti:
With KKJJ Petti:
I tried it with an A-Line petti also, and it works quite well.


Brand: Infanta
Color: White with White Bows 
Original Price: 148 Yuan / $21.68 USD 

|| info and more pics at Infanta ||    


Item Quality: 5/5
This blouse is just gorgeous. Over some parts of the fabric there is a soft lace, which feels so cool XD They have some cute embroidery detailing on it too. The corsetting lace is quite thick and sturdy.
After trying the blouse on though, I found it's just a bit small on me T^T It gapes a bit in the front (I think if I leave the corsetting all the way loose it might work), and the sleeves are just a bit tight when I bend my arms. I'd like to keep it though, it's just too lovely!

Flaws: I had asked for white bows on the front, but instead they sent me pink :/ But it's not too big of a deal, because they are detatchable and look easy to make. A few of the buttonholes are a bit tight, but I can still get all of the buttons through.

sleeve detailcollar embroideryheart button and extra buttons
pin on the detatchable bowsembroidery on backcorsetting loops
buttonhole vs. button gaping in the frontlace and soft tulle underneath



Brand: Infanta
Color: Pink 
Original Price: 85 Yuan / $12.45 USD 

|| info and more pics at Infanta ||    


Item Quality: 5/5
This bag is quite big and seems that it'll be able to hold a lot. I was a bit worried that it wasn't going to come with a shoulder strap, because that was one of the reasons I got it, but when I looked inside, there it was! There is a pocket on the outside, and inside there's a zippered pocket and a place for a cell phone or camera. My favorite part is definately the heart charms for zippers - wasn't expecting that, and they're so cute!! The color is the same as in the stock photos, my camera's colors are just off. Did I mention this purse is GIGANTIC?? It can seriously hold sooo much stuff!!

Flaws: The underside construction of the handles is a little weak (picture below) but since it is the underside, it shouldn't show much.

There was tissue paper wrapping inside of the bag.

super cute heart charm zippers!inside (top - phone pocket, bottom - zipper pocket) underside of one of the handles
 detatchable shoulder strap front pocket worn (I hid the handle in the front pocket)


Brand: Infanta
Color: Black 
Original Price: 48 Yuan / $7.03 USD 

|| info and more pics at Infanta ||    


Item Quality: 5/5
These bloomers are awesome!! I had only walked around my room for a few minutes with them and knew that they were going to be comfortable. I like the lace on the bottom, it's soft~ the elastic is tight, so it will stay in place.

Flaws: no flaws really, just if you wear them too close to your knees, your walking is a bit constrained, but pulling them up a bit fixes that easily.

the soft laceelastic, lace, and material underneath.ruffle in the middle


Tiered Skirt
Brand: Princess Faith
Color: Pink
Original Price: 188 Yuan / $27.54 USD 

|| info and more pics at Princess Faith ||    


Item Quality: 4.5/5
This was one of the only items that wasn't in stock; it was going to take 10 working days to make, and it was going to be to my size. The whole waistband is elastic, which is quite convenient. I really like the tiers on this skirt, but it looks kinda odd if there's no petticoat underneath it. The color is very close to the color in the stock photos (my camera's colors are a bit off) It is a fairly heavy skirt because of all of the layers, but it's no job my kkjj petti can't handle!

Flaws: This skirt doesn't get a full 5 because the lace could be a lot better, but I was expecting that it would be like that.

elastic waistbandsewing of one layer on the outside
washing instructions taglace

without a pettiwith kkjj petti (it's really poofy irl)


Summer Set
Brand: Dear Celine
Color: White

Original Price for Blouse: 178 Yuan / $26.08 USD 
Original Price for Skirt: 218 Yuan / $31.94 USD

|| info and more pics for blouse at Dear Celine ||
    || info and more pics for skirt at Dear Celine ||     


Item Quality: 4.5/5
This skirt was made based on my measurements. I also asked to have an extra lining put in on the skirt because it wouldn't take any longer to make, and it was only an extra $3 or so :)  Ahh this set is so pretty! I've been wanting a shiro outfit for a while, and yay! now I have one :D The skirt fits really well, it has elastic in the waistband on the back, and closes with a zipper. I like that you can undo the buttons on the front and wear something (like another color) underneath. The blouse feels really comfortable, but I think it's a tad big on me. Better than it being a tad small though! 

Flaws: the blouse material is a little on the thin side, I can see my skin color when I put my hand underneath, but I can always wear a blouse or camisole underneath. When the neckties are worn, it pulls oddly at the front of the shirt, creating a gap infront of my bust, so I don't think I'll be wearing those...



 front of blouse detatchable neckties
 ruffle detailing back corsetting
 elastic in the sleeves tags and extra button




ruffle detailingbutton detail - they're so pretty!
elastic in the back of the waistbandzipper and closure hook
extra lining they added for me. it's sewn together near the front, and then free everywhere else.tags and extra button

Without a Petti:
With KKJJ Petti:

Knee-High Lace Top Socks
Brand: Princess Faith
Color: Black
Original Price: 30 Yuan / $4.39 USD 

|| info and more pics at Princess Faith ||    


Item Quality: 5/5
I wasn't quite sure what to expect with these, but they were only 4 bucks, and I needed some more lace top socks, so I said what the hey, and went for 'em. They turned out to be a tights material, with amazingly soft lace on the top. I slipped them on, and they fit really well, they're knee high, but you could stretch them to over the knee probably.

Flaws: none :)

Princess Faith also sent me a plastic bag with their logo, name, and the words "special gifts for you"



Black Rose Socks

Color: Black
Price: 18 Yuan / $2.64 USD

|| Info at SecretShop ||
White Rose Socks

Color: White
Price: 18 Yuan / $2.64 USD

|| Info at SecretShop ||
Heart Embroidery Socks

Color: White
Price: 18 Yuan / $2.64 USD

|| Info at SecretShop ||
Pink Bow Socks

Color: White
Price: 18 Yuan / $2.64 USD

|| Info at SecretShop ||
Item Qualities: 5/5
haha, they're secret shop socks. good quality, seem quite comfortable, can't wait to wear them :D

Flaws: none :3


Now for the wall of text XD

I organized everything that I wanted to buy, and made sure azndragonkeeper knew what she wanted too.

On April 22nd I emailed kurodatenshi (Angie) and asked her preliminary questions like what her fee was (5% per item) and what type of shipping she uses (EMS). I gave her our measurements and the items that we wanted. Most of them we didn't know what size we were going to need though.

Next email Angie told me more details about each item, such as if they were in stock, if they needed to be custom made, and sizes, including seller recommendations.

The following email she replied back with an excel file of everything we had ordered, and also calculated prices. She set up the domestic shipping as if each item was going to be shipped separately. Of course, when they actually got shipped, the price wouldn't be as much, so that money would go straight into our international shipping.

After we made sure everything was correct, Angie invoiced us. She then took the money and put it in her Alipay account so she could buy from the taobao stores~

Unfortunately, as she went to do this, one of the items was no longer listed for sale XD lolz, then another two did that as well. They all got relisted though, and she grabbed them all for me :D

On May 1st Angie ordered the Princess Faith and Angel Fields items, and were officially processed on May 4th.

On May 6th she ordered all of the Infanta items, and were officially processed on May 8th.

Of course...then I found something else I wanted from Dear Celine, so I added that on to the order XD Angie was cool with it, she just wanted to make sure I didn't mind waiting the 14 business days it took to make them.
Angie recieved my payment on May 16th, and on May 17th the order was officially processed.
She later told me that she estimated the set to be complete around June 4th.

And then.....matsuparadise made me realize how cheap secret shop socks were, so I added four pairs and she added two.
Angie recieved our payments on May 19th and the order was officially processed on May 20th.

On June 7th Dear Celine shipped my set to the logistics company.
On June 10th, Angie invoiced me for the international shipping, which turned out to be about what I was hoping it would be. (all prices are explained/listed below)
The following day Angie informed me that she had paid the logistics company, and would get me the tracking number as soon as she had it :) I had no idea there was going to be one, so that was an awesome added surprise!

It turned out that the logistics company couldn't find a cargo for EMS, so they shipped the package on June 14th with FedEx. They absorbed the extra shipping cost, which was very nice of them :D
The package arrived in California on June 21st.

I don't mind divulging on the costs, so here it is:

For me:
Princess Faith Socks (30 + 12)  + Princess Faith skirt (188 + 15) +
Infanta Blouse (148 + 12) + Infanta skirt (198 + 12) + Infanta Bag (85 + 12) + Infanta Bloomers (48 + 12) = 772RMB
772RMB / 5.8 = 133.10 USD
133.10USD x 1.05% = 139.80 USD
+ Paypal fee = 149.70 USD

Dear Celine:
(218 + 12 for the skirt) + (178 + 12 for the blouse) + 20 for the inner lining = 440rmb = $75.90 USD
+ 5% service charge: 79.70 USD (no paypal fee, used personal payment)

Secret Shop Socks:
in USD is [(18 + 10) x 4] / 5.8 = 19.30
Cost + Service Charge = 1.05% x 19.30 = $20.30 USD

For a grand total of: $249.70 USD

For azndragonkeeper:
Angel Fields short sleeve blouse (86 + 10) + Angel Fields long sleeve (168 + 10) = 274 RMB
274 RMB / 5.8  = 47.30 USD
47.30 x 105% = 49.70 USD
+ Paypal fee = 53.50 USD

For matsuparadise:
$10.14 USD + paypal fee

International Shipping: 
I asked Angie to just invoice me for the international shipping, because she wasn't going to have the items on hand, and it'd be easier for me to weigh out the items and just ask my friends for a bit of money for shipping, considering my items would add up to most of the bulk of the purchase.
75 SGD, 82 SGD with ppfee = $59.56 USD

Sooo all in all:

Communication: 10/5! Angie was beyond incredible, she kept me updated constantly by email, answered all of my questions, was very easy to talk to, and was super sweet! <3
Shipping: 4.5/5. I was a little saddened that I had to wait until the following Monday when it was supposed to arrive Friday or Saturday. Overall, though, the shipping was quite quick from China :)
Packaging: 5/5. the material the entire order was packaged in was quite durable, and there was a lot of tape on it - we weren't quite sure where to start to try to open it! For the individual items, they were also well packaged in separate easy-open plastic bags.
Price: 5/5. Angie only charges a 5% ss fee, but she uses a conversion rate of 5.8 Yuan / 1 USD because of currency conversion fees, so it's a tad extra, but it's no big deal! :D The international shipping price was excellent, I really was worried that it'd end up being $80 or $100, so $60 I was happy with :)
Overall Experience: Wonderful!! Although this order took about two months from start to finish, I'm incredibly happy about the outcome. I really can't talk up Angie enough, she is just the sweetest! I look forward to doing more orders with her <3

Although this review was amazingly gigantic, if there's anything that I left out that should be better reviewed, please let me know!

Thank you all for looking <3


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